I never know what to say about in this section so I’ll just give you a rundown of my life over the past thirty years.

I was born on February 6, 1981 in Harrisburg, Illinois at 8:06 a.m. to David and Diana Lynch. We lived in Norris City, Illinois until I was in the second grade then we moved to Mississippi.

I completed High School in May 1999. I then went to college, but stopped after a year. I got married at the young age of 19 to a man I thought was a good man and that would love me for a long time. I was wrong. He was an abusive, controlling asshole.

The only good thing he ever gave me was my son, Alex.

After divorcing him and getting him out of my life, I went back to college and obtained an associates degree in Office Systems Technology. I don’t use it, but I have it. It’s an accomplishment. One I’m proud of.

I remained single for five years after getting myself out of that abusive relationship, and then I met the love of my life in Ben. His job allows me to stay at home and be available to do things with Alex. Things that as a single mother I wasn’t allowed to do before. I love Alex and Ben so much.


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