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I have various other means of blogging over the internet, but I wanted a place where I could be ‘me’.  I want to share my fears and joys and things in my life without being known.  Sometimes I’m afraid of hurting peoples’ feelings so I’m not as honest as I should be.  This blog will hopefully change that.

I’ve decided to start setting aside an hour (and possibly more) to take up a joy that really used to be a joy to me.  That joy is reading.  I’ve stopped at the library today and checked out three books.  Two of them go together from an author I used to really enjoy in my teens; V. C. Andrews.

So I’m going to journal about my progress through the  book.  I also hope to give a book review when I’m finished.  So look out for that.  You can track my progress through completed books in my sidebar.  If you have a question about any book, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I’ll be as helpful as I possibly can be.

Broken Wings
written by V.C. Andrews
454 total pages
42 read today
42 pages/454 pages